Digital intra oral scanner

Digital impressions are one of the wonders of modern dentistry, benefitting both the dentist and patient. If you’ve ever had an alginate impression and a digital impression, you will know just how much of a novelty the latter is in terms of comfort and ease. If you’re getting a crown or a bridge made, having a brace made, having your teeth whitened, or getting a custom sports mouth guard, a digital impressions will streamline your experience in a lot of ways.

More comfortable for you

Alginate impressions are carried out manually and involve your dentist using a notoriously well known slopy and unpleasant impression material that very often induces a gag reflex. Digital impressions scan both arches effectively and eliminate the need for the impression material, resulting in a more comfortable process.

Educational patient experience  

A digital impressions project a 3D image of the teeth on a chair-side screen, it’s much easier for your dentist to help you understand the treatment you are undergoing as they have the visual aids to help explain it to you. It can even show the movements your teeth will go through before treatment even begins! Digital technology will help you feel more at ease about treatment as you will have a better understanding of the science behind it.

Improved accuracy and less time in the dentist’s chair 

As mentioned above, the slopy impression material associated with traditional impressions induces a gag reflex, which in turn, makes it difficult for the dentist to obtain an accurate impression the first time around. In the case of digital impressions, the simple scanning process means you the patient do not experience any discomfort and therefore are able to sit still so that the impression can be taken more quickly, reducing the overall time you spend in the dentist’s chair and do not experience the gag reflex.